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How to ATTRACT any girl. The DARK TRUTH about attraction.

If you want to attract women in ways most men don’t, you must first understand some disturbing truths about attraction.

  • Attraction is not comfortable
  • You have to do what is counterintuitive
  • Attraction grows in anxiety and uncertainty
  • To attract women, you must first create a strong impact
  • Good guys starve, while bold men get satiated
  • Women respond to a man’s attitude and behavior
  • In relationships, attraction comes first, only after that comes love
  • During breakups, attraction is lost first, and only after that comes love

The idea that attraction thrives in a swamp of anxiety, selfishness and uncertainty does not sit well with men who prefer to believe that love and attraction exist in perfect harmony.

Of course, these two feelings can exist in harmony, but if you want love you must first have attraction.

If your goal is to create attraction with women, it is essential to be able to separate the tender nature of love from the harsh and edgy reality of attraction. Love is born and developed through attraction, and if you believe that in order to succeed in winning a woman’s heart you have to be sweet, caring and kind, you are bound to find yourself disappointed.

Within this blog we have examined a multitude of ways to create, develop and keep attraction alive.

The G-Factor Of Attraction

One point we have yet to address, however, is how to make yourself truly irresistible in the eyes of women. Finding, then, the elusive X Factor of attraction.

As men, we know that the X Factor exists, but for many, any attempt to harness its attractive power still remains an abstract concept: in much the same way that “nuclear fission” was until the day Trinity (the first atomic bomb) exploded in 1945.

As you continue reading through the articles on this blog, you literally hold in your hands all the concepts and theories for attracting women into your life. However, in order to make these theories become reality, you have to create your own personal “nuclear fission” on purpose. Only then when you look inside the crater left by the explosion can you discern the X Factor of attraction – attitude.

A great many intelligent, handsome, educated men, who no doubt fully understand the key concepts of attraction, often come to me complaining that women do not find them attractive enough.

These women regularly tell them how “nice” and “kind” they find them, but between the lines they are communicating that they feel no attraction.

The Attitude That Attracts Women

Men who are considered anti-seductive lack that fundamental element that sets the process of attraction in motion: attitude. They smile too much, are too nice, are not at all confident, and communicate with weak words such as, “maybe,” “may be,” and “maybe,” which only reflect the uncertainty lurking in their minds. Moreover, when women attack them for no reason, act like bitches and try to push them away at all costs, they tolerate all kinds of abuse without putting up any resistance.

Bringing an edge to your personality does not mean that you necessarily have to become an asshole; instead, it means completely eradicating your desire to please and be nice.

If a woman calls you a nice guy, take it as an insult, not a compliment. If she has the effrontery to call you “nice,” you should not thank her, but respond to her by saying, ” Shut the fuck up! “.

” What?!” she will ask, shocked by your brusque response.

” I was only joking “.

” Ah…, ” she will reply, looking around enveloped in a slight feeling of discomfort.

” Do you still think I’m nice? “.

At this point she may start laughing. Or maybe not, but she will definitely find you much more attractive.

As we descend further and further into the depths of attraction, it becomes even clearer how women are fascinated by men who have obvious traits of the Dark Triad of Personality.

These behavioral traits include narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Narcissism is signaled by grandiosity, pride, selfishness, and lack of empathy; Machiavellianism by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception; and psychopathy, finally, by continued antisocial behavior, selfishness, callousness, and lack of remorse.

Men with these character traits are usually more confident and selfish than their less confident peers. They are also mainly focused on themselves and very prone to an insensitive/manipulative interpersonal style: that is, they tend to manipulate and exploit other people without feeling any sense of guilt.

The quality of their love relationships is usually dark and apathetic, and this keeps women in a constant state of uncertainty, mainly due to the sense of defiance that is constantly fueled by the man’s “jerk” behavior. That said, research has substantiated the fact that men who possess Dark Triad traits are more likely to date more women, have more sex, and be perceived as more attractive.

In addition, a study exposed in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that narcissistic and self-centered men are also more desirable for both one-night stands and short-term relationships.

If there is one thing that research in the field of attraction often reiterates, it is that women are more attracted to men who wear flashy and elegant clothes, who use humorous expressions when speaking, and who display open and confident body language-all qualities that narcissists possess in abundance.

This is why narcissists are so striking on first impression-they are born charmers, and they stand out from the crowd quite naturally.

The Traits Of The Dark Triad Are Attractive

Another characteristic that makes Dark Triad men so attractive is their self-centered nature.

The Dark Triad man puts himself and his needs first.

Taken to the extreme, those with these character traits are also often highly destructive, not only to themselves but also to the people around them. And although it is estimated that about 1 percent of the world’s population is psychopathic, most of them are fully functional and productive members of society.

Instead of becoming serial killers and mass murderers, as depicted in the movie world, most “functional psychopaths” live highly productive lives, still resorting to manipulation and deception to get what they want.

The benefits of selfishness and narcissism should by no means be underestimated.

The selfish and self-centered man is much more likely to be successful. He is more likely to get promotions, achieve what he wants, and acquire new skills and knowledge during the course of his life. He is geared to start his own business. And he is most likely to simultaneously create multiple sources of income and resources from which to draw.

This is one of the crucial reasons why women find Dark Triad men so attractive. These men are not only assertive and resourceful-two key components of attraction-but they are also more likely to be charming and fun.

Take Risks And Get Rewards

Another aspect that makes Dark Triad men so alluring is their propensity to take risks and pursue what they want without fear of consequences. This was confirmed by a study presented in the Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin. The research found that men who displayed nonconformist traits, such as risk-taking and assertiveness, were perceived as more attractive. After all, in a world where most people are conformists, the man who is not afraid to stand out is considered something unique and valuable.

Women desire men with a purpose in life, goals and ambitions.

The last thing a woman aspires to is a man focused solely on her and her unpredictable emotions. Deep down, she knows she is crazy, and for that very reason she wants a man with whom she can feel protected – protected from herself.

A woman must feel safe, pouring her emotions into you without having to worry that you might bend and give in to this pressure. Just as you would never want to keep your money in a bank that you know is not safe and secure, in the same way women do not want to invest their emotions in weak and vulnerable men. This, however, does not mean that you should go out of your way to be mean or rude.

Don’t Be Aggressive, Be Assertive

Women are not attracted to aggressive men who commit reckless acts of violence; instead, they are attracted to assertive men who have the courage to go after what they want in life.

A man’s innate aggressiveness is appreciated only in cases where he has to protect his loved ones from external attacks. Are evil and aggressive men, then, considered attractive? The answer is, “No.” In this regard, research has confirmed that men who were “known to be evil,” regardless of appearance, were classified as highly “unattractive” by both men and women.

At this point, after learning about the effect that Dark Triad character traits have on women, you may begin to feel unsettled wondering if you really have to be an asshole or selfish to create attraction.

In the world of seduction, being selfish and self-centered is not as bad as it may seem.

It simply means focusing on you instead of focusing on her. Also, showing traits of the Dark Triad communicates to women that you have the skills to stand on your own in any situation, and to focus on what is really important in life: yourself, your goals, and your mission.

Put Yourself First

Whether you want to become a doctor, artist, businessman, entrepreneur, athlete, soldier or entertainer does not matter, all you need to have is a purpose in life and clear goals, but above all you must have your own personal mission to give meaning to your existence. If you can then also harness the Dark Triad traits that already exist in you, you will not only achieve greater focus and clarity, but you will also be much more likely to succeed.

The man who fails with women is the one who seeks relationships just to make sense of his life.

Without clear goals and a strong aspiration, however, you will feel unfulfilled, and no amount of love or tenderness from a woman will ever make you feel better.This is not to say that having a loving relationship with a woman is impossible, far from it.

You can have love, you can have sex, you can have trust, and you can have loyalty, but before you can achieve even one of these things, you must first create a solid attraction. After all, the purpose of this article is not to show you how attraction should be, but to show you how attraction really is.

And once you fully appreciate and understand the true nature of attraction, you can have all the love, sex and intimacy your heart desires.

Once you have the balls to implement these concepts, you will be able to attract girls in no time. Remember, the key to attraction is attitude.

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