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How to make your EX WANT you.

You have to know that most men don’t understand that if their girlfriend gets cold, decides to distance herself or get out of the relationship…if they chase her, beg her in anxiety, and do anything to get her to come back, it will NEVER work.

I have seen this kind of situation repeated so many times over the years.

Men who, in order to get their fiancees back, call them all the time, send hundreds of messages, look for any way to catch up, ending up every time scaring them away and sending them away forever.

Most likely you too have been like them-or maybe you still act this way when you feel something is wrong in your relationship. As I’m sure you know, every time you chase something (or if you chase a person) that person will turn away from you … but if you turn away, they will come back to you just like a magnet.

In a way, when you are dealing with a woman it is like dealing with a cat.

Women Are Like Cats

When you chase him, or when you try to hold him back, the cat scratches you. He wants to get away from you in defense of his freedom. But if you move away and let him come to you spontaneously, he will come and sit on your lap, you can pet him, and he will be very quiet.

This is the same the dynamic you have to use with a woman. It is exactly the same.

“So, are you telling me that I have to let her go and walk away too?”


“But if I don’t show that I care I will lose her forever!”

First, start putting yourself in the idea that if she wants to leave you have already lost her. Second, if you leave you prove to your girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) that you are a strong man and that you can live just fine without her.

And this is very attractive to women.

This behavior also suggests that you are less reactive and less needy, and all of this, on a subconscious level, communicates to your ex-girlfriend that you are independent and confident. Instead, if right now you are pursuing her and doing everything you can to get her back, know that you will soon turn off her attraction altogether and drive her away from you forever.

The Interesting Part, Comes Now…

This, in addition to being a very successful strategy to use, insinuates a little doubt in your ex-girlfriend–and when women are not sure what is going on, they are much more likely to come back, chase you, and want to know where they are in your life.

This is a typical case of the “curious cat.”

Your ex wants to know what’s going on–but more importantly, she wants to know because she can’t understand why you’re pulling away when every other guy, faced with the same behavior, does nothing but beg her to come back. This is all very powerful, and understanding it thoroughly can make all the difference.

Think about it, if all the guys in her life are chasing her and trying to be with her and you are the only one walking away-that says a lot about you. It says that you are much stronger than these other guys, even if it is not entirely true. But the important thing is perception–and she will perceive you that way precisely because you are willing to walk away.

The choice at this point is yours alone.

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