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What is the PHYSIQUE that women LOVE and find MOST ATTRACTIVE?

Imagine for a moment that you have just been introduced to a man with a muscular, athletic body.

As you look at this person you are immediately impressed by his physique and presence. Every time he opens his mouth to speak he manages to immediately win your attention and respect, but not because he is dangerous, because his figure sends a clear message, “I am worthy of consideration and esteem.”

Simply by looking at this man you get a clear idea of his personality and character. Even if you don’t know him, you already know that he works hard in life, and he is focused and persevering in what he does.

After all, you know that you cannot build a robust and athletic physique by spending all day lying on the couch eating pizza and watching TV.

The message you get immediately from this man is that he respects himself and his body.

You recognize that he is confident and centered, and that he does not avoid difficulties or pain when they arise. A strong body is, after all, a reflection of a strong mind.

A man must be willing to step out of his comfort zone and sacrifice some degree of pain if he wants to achieve a muscular physique. Most men prefer to take the easy road in life – this man does not.

An Unattractive Body Communicates Poor Genes

Now, instead, imagine that you have just been introduced to an overweight and out-of-shape man.

Observing his protruding belly and sluggish posture, you immediately denote that he takes little care of his outward appearance. He is also a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker, which does nothing to endear him to women.

In fact, as a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology points out, women see men who smoke and drink excessively as significantly less attractive than nonsmokers and casual drinkers. The results of this study indicated that smoking and excessive drinking are both forms of risky behavior that offer no reward or benefit in the long run. On the other hand, on the other hand, risky behaviors that bring gratification-such as starting a business or taking out a loan to expand one’s studies-are considered definitely attractive to women because they fall into the category of “calculated risk.”

The moment you look at this weak and overweight man, without even realizing it you immediately lose some respect for him. In addition, his mediocre physique and excess body fat reveal everything you need to know about his character. First, he is most likely to be lazy and gluttonous.

Studies show that overweight people are more likely to be perceived as listless and, therefore, less attractive (this represents about two-thirds of the population in the West that is classified as clinically overweight). Second, the fact that this man allowed his body to deteriorate to such an extent is a clear indicator of poor self-control.

Women Are Attracted To Muscular Physiques

The way you present yourself to the world reveals so much about your personality.

You may think it is superficial and shallow, but human beings, when evaluating other people, are programmed to pick up physical cues and take mental shortcuts. And one of the best ways to demonstrate healthy genes and reproductive fitness is to develop a strong, muscular body.

A study conducted by researchers at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) observed that women see men with athletic and robust physiques as more attractive and desirable.

The reason is very simple: a man with a good physique projects strength, health and good genes. And if you juxtapose this with the weak, excessively thin or overweight man, you can easily deduce why, in most cases, women find muscular men so attractive.

At this point it is important to denote that a handsome muscular physique should by no means be confused with an “ugly” muscular physique. But exactly what constitutes an ugly muscular physique?

If you’ve ever happened to see a man with oversized arms, a huge chest, a big powerful abdomen and skinny legs: you’ve come across a person with an “ugly” muscular physique. Then again, a good physique must be well balanced, symmetrical, and pleasing to the eye.

Having dealt with hundreds of men over the years and witnessed the benefits of working out firsthand, I can assure you that developing a strong body is one of the most important things a man can do to improve his love life.

Working out not only improves your health, but also makes you look infinitely more attractive.

The Benefits Derived From Good Training

  • You will boost your immune system;
  • You will increase your mental strength;
  • You will see yourself as more beautiful, which will boost your self-esteem;
  • You will increase your testosterone levels;
  • You will become more sexually attractive;
  • You will gain more respect from men and women;
  • You will increase your strength and bone density;
  • You will project greater confidence and virility;
  • You will reduce your risk of depression and anxiety.

Many men resist working out: often citing work commitments or hectic lifestyles as an excuse to avoid the gym. Keep in mind that this way of thinking is typical of the unattractive man.

Research conducted by UCLA provides a healthy dose of motivation for those who are still reluctant to exercise. In fact, it set out to test whether women are actually more likely to pursue “more muscular than average” men, and whether muscles are really a determining factor when it comes to attraction.

The results found that women are not only more attracted to men with handsome athletic physiques, but are even more likely to chase them with the aim of having both short-term and long-term romantic relationships.

Once you muster the mental strength necessary to overcome the initial pain barrier that comes with training, you will not only strengthen your body, but at the same time you will also enhance your mind by making yourself much more attractive.

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