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Why do women LEAVE? 5 reasons you CANNOT IGNORE.

Most men believe that, even after identifying a hypothetical cause (or part of a cause) that may have led to the breakup of the relationship, all they need to do is simply talk to their ex, showing her that they understand where the mistake was, in order to make her magically awaken from the bad nightmare they are both experiencing and return to them more in love than ever.

As I also explained within my book “G Attraction”, women are emotional, not rational, and any rational attempt you can ever make to salvage the situation-such as talking, arguing, explaining, and reasoning-will turn out to be just a waste of time…coupled with the major risk of making them feel more and more suffocated by your continued insistence.

Women Leave For Precise Reasons

Women leave for one or more very specific reasons, always remember that. And if you also find yourself in this scenario, it means that there was something specific that caused the breakup.

This, however, does not mean that it all came about in a single event.

Most often it is about the continuous piling up of many small insignificant “bricks” inside the woman’s head, which worked in complete silence until they created a giant wall inside which she then felt trapped.

Thus, the only way to survive was to want to get out of there at all costs to avoid succumbing mentally.

The breakup is merely the classic straw that broke the camel’s back–a camel that, unfortunately, had been slowly filling for a long time now without your knowledge.

But let’s come to the main causes that lead a woman to decide to leave a man permanently:

1. Lack Of Growth In The Relationship

This happens when you settle down, when you have been together for a while now but there is no sign of development. In short, your woman doesn’t see you taking any steps forward.

The next goal might be to buy a house, then of course get married and have children….

But even if a woman is very much in love with a man, and after a while she realizes that the relationship shows no signs of moving forward, then she will get tired.

If you simply go around the house doing nothing, not committing to anything, if there is no growth in your career and your social life, then she will see this as a lack of growth in your relationship as well.

2. Lack Of Chemistry.

Any problem can contribute to a lack of chemistry or sexual tension.

Women are very sensitive creatures, and whenever something happens that can in some way alter their mood-whether it is a negative event or a sudden change in mood-if you are around at those times, they will tend to associate all adverse feelings with you: even if you have nothing to do with them.

This, if you do not know how to restore the attraction, will invariably go to affect the chemistry within the relationship.

3. Lack of Security And Trust

If you tell lies and betray her trust, your woman will feel insecure.

Her esteem for you is also crucial–and if she gets to the point of losing it, it will be very difficult to keep the relationship going.

Rather always tell the unvarnished truth, even at the cost of hurting her feelings, but avoid lying or using “outright lies,” because these, in case they are discovered, will show that you did not have the courage to tell it like it is…that you are not as strong and trusting as she thought…and that therefore she cannot feel protected with you.

4. Lack Of Connection.

If you realize that you don’t talk much anymore, this is a huge red flag that should not be underestimated.

Most of the time, if you have not yet reached the breakup stage, you think that everything is fine in the couple precisely because everyone has their own space and interests. But this is not the case. If you do not have quality topics to talk about, then there is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Perhaps you are taking each other for granted and mistakenly believe that, just because you hear from each other every day, you can be certain of the “presence” of both of you in the relationship. Or you are so quiet and comfortable that you now see each other as two very close friends — like two brothers.

By that time the attraction will be completely gone, and when she realizes this she will also realize that there is no longer any point in staying together. The woman wants to feel strong emotions all the time, because emotions make her feel alive. And if you are not the one to give them to her, she will surely look for them elsewhere.

5. Misalignment Of Social Values.

Women are attracted to men who have a higher social value than they do.

Men do not care much about this because, at an ancestral level, they are not driven to look for everything a woman is looking for in a possible mate.

When a woman meets a man, she judges him based on his potential social values (even if it should only be an appearance). So, if he for example was working as a waiter at McDonald’s, but privately he was devoting himself to important projects that will get him high status in the future, if he has no way of exhibiting tangible results at that time, she will continue to “see” only the mere waiter at McDonald’s.

It often happens during cohabitation, because the woman over time has developed a definite idea of her man and his lifestyle.

Again taking the McDonald’s waiter’s job as an example: maybe initially you are colleagues (social alignment), but then, at some point, she is hired as a representative for a prestigious company.

Because she is particularly gifted, they even promote her to head considerable projects by giving her new responsibilities–while you are still working as a waiter.

There, she at that point is higher on the social value scale than you.

You also know you are particularly bright and would like to change your life, so in the time available you try to study and work on a project that you know can turn you around in the future.

This, of course, involves time, dedication, and study-all things that are usually associated with commitment and sacrifice. What she sees, however, is that you are always working at McDonald’s as a waiter, and that during your free time you are either at home reading (which for you means studying) or in front of the computer (which is not such an exciting thing nowadays, since there happens to be that she also does the same all day long), so in her perception of you remains unchanged.

She cannot understand the whole project you have in your head. You could even talk to her about it for days on end, but she will continue to see in any case that on the social scale she is significantly higher than you. And this will make her turn away to look for a man of superior value to her.

You Can’t Base Everything On Hope

All the reasons just mentioned encapsulate the core principles of attraction. That said, in case you never had a chance to read my book, it may prove very easy for you to run the risk of misunderstanding these concepts.

You may still think that love is the greatest and most powerful force in the world … and that an emotional bond based on solid values, intense emotions, time, sacrifice, energy, destiny, and imaginary red threads holding you together in some way is enough to make your woman come back to you.

The problem is that this is absolutely not how it works-or at least not anymore.

That is why, in fact, it is vital to know the real mechanisms that keep a woman emotionally attached to a man. Without those, attraction is merely a “game of chance.”

Most men believe that after attracting a woman to themselves, their work is done–and that everything will go on automatically. Thinking, moreover, that an eventual separation is merely a bad twist of fate or the fault of someone else who managed to take their partner away.

In the “fortuitous” event that the previous scenario did not come to pass, however, you might see them all at the bar, in the workplace, or secluded at their children’s class dinners, “naively” joking about how hot the new English teacher is. While their wives do the same thing, if not worse.

But neither of us suspects anything about the other anyway, so it’s okay-as long as it holds up.

Have you ever stopped to think how depressing it can be just to think that your woman, as soon as she sees a call from you on her cell phone, might roll her eyes or snort?

If you think that this is normal, that there is nothing to worry about, and that it’s okay, stop reading this report right now and devote yourself to “more important” things, because most likely neither I nor anyone else in the world could ever change your mind.

If, on the other hand, you are reading these pages because you have realized that no one has ever really explained to you how to create, develop, and especially keep alive attraction with a woman, and you want to have full control over the psychological mechanisms that drive the whole process, you are in the right place.

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